NFTs that Evolve.

Near Future is NEAR's first evolving Tribal RPG, built natively into Discord. NF: Primal is the first chapter in this brand new evolving universe, with a hand-drawn set of 2,000+ unique 'post-historic' Nearbot NFTs at its core.

Made possible by the Near Foundation and created with love by Team NF.


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The Near Future

The year is 7,777 AD… The humans are dead. Their ruined world has regrown anew. The robots they left behind have gone about their duties, but recently, something has changed. A spark of insight has disrupted their usual programming. Strange behaviors begin to manifest. By day they forage the verdant wastelands for parts, by night they commune around bonfires, chittering. Are they telling stories? Could the Nearbots’ civilization have entered its first era? A green dawn beckons. The Sun rises on a New Stone Age.

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World Map



We’ve encountered 4 classes of Nearbot, each with their own unique set of skills.

Cyborgs - Mysterious, but powerful. Only 167 exist.
Warriors - Built for brute strength and combat awareness.
Trackers  - Tailered towards longevity and speed through the wild
Builders - Designed for constructing Tribal villages

Each class has physcial and mental attributes embeded into the smart contract. These can be developed over time based on the player’s actions within the Tribal RPG.

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In addition to their physical components, Nearbots have hidden attributes that will affect gameplay: Strength, Speed, Battery Life, Imagination, Curiosity, Empathy, Luck

These are defined at creation, but will evolve and progress through user interaction; e.g. stats will increase depending on types of buildings each tribe decides to build.

Multi-Year Roadmap

Dynamic NFTs

Build Nearbots - Find Nearbot parts in our Discord RPG to build a Nearbot NFT.

Upgrade Nearbots - Craft items in-game and equip them to your Nearbot NFT.

Level-Up Nearbots - Play to level up your Nearbot’s attributes.

Tribal RPG on Discord

1 Nearbot NFT = 1 In-Game Character - Use your Nearbot NFT as your in-game character in our Tribal RPG on Discord.

Narrative experience - We’re storytellers and we’ll be breathing life into our characters through animated cutscenes, story articles and more.

Tribal Civilization - The real game begins - work with your tribe to build your Tribe's civilization.

Key Partnerships

Partner Tokens - Stake Nearbot to earn $NEXP and use both $NEXP and $UTOPIA in-game for trading and other surprises.

Nearbots across the NEARverse - We've lined up partnerships with other gaming and utility-based NFT collections to further enhance our Nearbot's utility.

Open Ecosystem - We endeavour to open the Near Future as an open ecosystem for key partners in $NEAR and other chains.


Era Evolutions - Primal is just the beginning, think "Assassin's Creed of NFTs", the FutureDAO will later vote on where we evolve.

Innovate - The NF Team is here to push the boundaries of what is possible with a NFT GameFi DAO project.

Ever-Evolving Experience


Bone Chief Shanks
Clan Co-Founder
Stone Chief Hazbot
Clan Co-Founder
Magura Dauber
Cave Painter
War Chanter
Terror Dacdyl
War Chanter
Tribal Scribe



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