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Near Future is NEAR's only evolving Tribal RPG, built natively into Discord.

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the near future

The year is 7,777 AD.

The humans are dead. Their ruined world has regrown anew.

Their Nearbots they left behind have gone about their duties, but recently, something has changed.
A spark of insight has disrupted their usual programming.

Strange behaviours begin to manifest. By day they scavenge the verdant wastelands for parts, by night they commune around bonfires, chittering.

Are they telling stories? Could the Nearbots’ civilization have entered its second era?

A green dawn beckons. The Sun rises on a new Classical Age.


Powered by A LEADING WEB3 COLLECTIVE, Near Future is a multi - year gaming project with a host of NFT collections on the NEAR blockchain.

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NF Discord RPG

Retelling the story of the Near Future for on-chain upgradeable NFTs


Classical Era

Our OG OG Nearbots will be evolving into the next age of their civilisation


NFT Gaming Empire

PVP Battles, Metaverses, Card Games, who knows how far we’ll evolve?



Primal & Classic are just the beginning of a vast cross-chain series


The NEAR Future

We’re boolish on the future & we’ll be innovating along the way



Co-Founder & Project Lead

bone chief shanks




Magura Dauber



Lead/Game Writer


Community Manager

Terror Dacdyl

Social Media Manager


Lead Designer


Graphic Designer

rich tita

UX/UI Designer

When is the mint?

We minted out of the 1st Primal Nearbot collection on 1st March 2022, and now releasing our 2nd Classic Nearbot collection on 28th July 2022.

Why the NEAR blockchain?

NEAR offers a fast, scaleable and carbon neutral chain which is perfect for our upgradeable NFTs. The community is also filled with true builders and why we love innovating with our fellow NEARGens.

What are “upgradeable NFTs”?

Through our Discord RPG you’re able to customize your Nearbot NFTs. You can see real time changes in-game and then once a week we have an !upgrade event for changing our NFT’s metadata to reflect our player’s decisions.

How does your Discord RPG work?

The first step is to purchase a Nearbot NFT from Paras, as these are your in-game characters to control. Then join our Discord, follow the onboarding funnel and !activate your Nearbots to turn them online in the Near Future. You’ll find a full tutorial on our Discord and here, or you can read our article explainer here.

Where’s the best place to learn about Near Future?

Our full whitepaper will be published shortly, until then check out our medium article series and Cap’s Recaps on Discord